The Next Generation Substrate for Sustainable Agriculture.

"compostable - water conservation - higher yield - more profit"

What is FytoBooster?

FytoBooster products are environmentally friendly, bio-disposable, lightweight, stable sponge like, soilless substrate. They can completely replace soil or be used as an additive to soils and other substrates. They are completely comprised of organic material, 100% compostable, and environmentally safe.

FytoBooster Line Up:

Neutralized foam growing media geared towards the professional growing market. Can also be used in hydroponic systems, golf courses, landscaping, and home gardening applications.
Agricultural hardfoam media. We specifically designed this product to create a lightweight soil mixture to improve roof and vertical garden systems.
Direct application of foam to fields, golf courses, or sports fields to maximize plant growth, water distribution, and prevent turf compaction in high traffic areas.

The open cell structure provides exemplary capillary water absorption and air permeability achieving maximum growth potential; increasing root volume allows stronger, healthier and deeper roots systems to develop resulting in more vigorous plants.

Why FytoBooster?

  • Provides perfect air/water ratio for optimal rooting
  • Clean sterile substrate
  • 100% bio-disposable and compostable
  • Easy to use in hydroponics
  • Unmatched capillary action and water conservation

FytoBooster Comparison

Benefits of FytoBooster



  • Lowers consumption and cost of water, electricity, and nutrients.
  • Can accelerate plant growth and produces higher yield.
  • Balances the growing environment by providing optimal water, air, and nutrient diffusion results in lower plant stress, and higher yield.
  • Avoid landfills and eliminates landfill charges.
  • Locally made.
  • Lower carbon footprint than competing substrates.
Optimal Growth-icon

Optimal Growth

  • FytoFlakes retains 70% of its volume in water and maintains a 30% volume of air offering exceptional aeration.
  • Promotes a larger, stronger fibrous root network improving water and nutrition absorption.
  • 100% Sterile and free of plant pathogens.
  • pH neutral to accommodate any type of vegetable and ornamental plant;
  • Stable at lower pH values,pH is easily controlled and adjusted by user.
  • Uniform dispersion of water from top to bottom.


  • For all plant types; Vegetables, flowers, nursery stock, pot/bedding plants, sod, etc.
  • Unmatched capillary qualities providing consistent hydration and nutrition without the risk of oversaturation.
  • Minimizes risk of contamination for diseases
  • Watering can be from any aspect.
  • Covers the entire cultivation cycle and reusable for further value-contributing sustainable applications.
  • Has a starting pH between 5.8 - 6.2
Proven Sustainable Technology-icon

Proven Sustainable Technology

  • A sustainable solution:
  • 100% compostable,eco-friendly,water saving,up-cyclable
  • Developed in the Netherlands and used for more than 25 years worldwide.
  • Reduces carbon footprint.


  • For all types of growers:
  • Commercial Agriculture/Horticulture,Hydroponics and vertical farming,Roof gardens,Vertical gardens,Home gardening,Landscaping,Sports Field Applications,Golf courses,Sod farming,Turf and amenity nurseries ,Nursery stock
Synthetic Organic-icon

Synthetic Organic

  • Compound offers a sterile substrate for all plant types.
  • Aminoplast resin, composed of organic elements.
  • 100% bio-disposable and compostable.
  • Creates ideal environment for beneficial microbes.
  • Not reliant on natural product supply or mining processes.